Putinki x Tom of Finland

Touko Laaksonen belongs to one of Finland’s most internationally renowned artists, famous for the Tom of Finland illustrations, whose 100 year birthday was celebrated on the 8.5.2020. To commemorate the year of celebration Putinki has produced new products from the artist's illustrations. In collaboration with The Tom of Finland Foundation, Putinki has produced postcards, posters and wall calendars for several years now. The selection has been replenished with high-quality notebooks, journals and magnets. 

Tom of Finland, also known as, Touko Laaksonen (1920–1991) is known as the most legendary homoerotic artist. He is even regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 1900s.  Regardless of his popularity outside his home country’s borders, Laaksonen’s art was unknown for a long time in Finland and it has become known to a large audience only during the last decades. The Tom of Finland Foundation is Laaksonen’s and Durk Dehner’s foundation that was established in 1984 with the purpose of sharing information about the cultural values of erotic art and helping the progress of more tolerant attitudes towards sexuality.