Terms of Delivery

We ship to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 




Putinki Oy, business identity code: FI10409424, address: Hämeentie 105 B, 00550 Helsinki, we sell products to businesses and private persons over the age of 18 in Finland. These delivery terms are applied to ordering products in our online store, as well as similar shipments.


These terms of delivery are valid starting at 23.03.2020. We can change the terms of delivery unilaterally from time to time so please familiarise yourself with our terms of delivery before ordering our products from our online store. 


Products and product prices


The features and prices of products in our online store are presented in the product description of each product.  We reserve the right to make changes in prices and delivery costs so check the prices in your basket before confirming the order. The product prices include VAT which can be seen in the basket and order confirmation.


Delivery fees


Possible delivery fees of an order depend on the product itself (e.g. weight and package) and the chosen delivery method. Delivery fees are added automatically to your order total. The delivery fees of your order (if charged with delivery fees) can be seen in your basket before confirming an order.


Ordering and agreement


You can order our products from our online store’s homepage by moving them to your basket, confirming the order and paying the contents of your basket through a payment service. When ordering from our online store you are obliged to familiarise yourself and commit to the current delivery terms. You understand that the order you have confirmed and we have verified, excluding what is mentioned about cancellation rights later on, is binding and that it creates an agreement between us through these delivery terms.



Payment and methods of payment


You can pay your order by payment methods mentioned in our online store which can be chosen in your basket.


Order and payment confirmation


After a successful order you will receive an order confirmation by email so please give your email when placing an order. The order confirmation also confirms the payment method used.


If we can not verify your order for some unexpected reason, we will inform you by email as soon as possible.  



Delivery methods (Finland)


We will ordinarily deliver your order using the delivery method of your choice which you choose when completing an order. The delivery methods are small parcel delivered at home to postbox or mail slot with letter deliveries, parcel sent to Posti or Matkahuolto pick-up-point, home delivery or delivery to a business address.



If the chosen delivery method is a small parcel delivery at home to postbox or mail slot and the parcel won't fit, Posti will deliver it to the local Posti outlet for pickup.


If you have chosen parcel delivery to a business address or home delivery: Posti’s way of operating includes trying to deliver the delivery once, the next working day after you have received the confirmation of delivery. If the customer cannot be reached, the parcel will be returned to Posti and can be collected when the customer receives a notice of arrival for the parcel. 


Large posters will always be delivered rolled up in a cardboard tube. If the order contains other products that do not fit into the tube, the order will come in two separate deliveries. 


Delivery time (Finland) 


The order will leave our warehouse within 1-3 days after the order confirmation. We deliver through Posti and Posti’s own estimates for different delivery methods vary from 2 to 4 working days. Please notice that during exceptional circumstances and seasons like Christmas Posti’s deliveries might experience delays. Posti will inform about exceptions on their website. You can check out Posti’s delivery times here: https://www.posti.fi/en/private/parcels-and-tracking/send-parcel


Deliveries abroad


We also deliver to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The delivery methods are Priority Letter 5,90 € (up to 250g) or PostNord MyPack Collect 14,90 € (the order is delivered to the pick-up point of the customer’s choosing).


Cancellation right and return policies


If you are a consumer you have the right under Finland’s Consumer Protection Act to cancel an order by informing us 14 days after receiving a delivery or the last item of a delivery or if it concerns a regular delivery, receiving the first batch.


A cancellation notice must be made clearly, for example, on our cancellation form, by the email mentioned below or by a written notice delivered with the returned products.


The link to our cancellation form can be found in the order confirmation.


The cancellation right only applies when the returned items are in their original packaging, have not been used and have been packaged well for returns. If the returned product has been used against the laws set for care obligations, the business has the right to collect the loss in value up to the full price of the product with return costs.


If the sale is cancelled, the products must be returned without hindrance and within 14 days of submitting a cancellation notice to the return address mentioned below. 


The customer returning products must prove that the products have been returned within the time limit, for example, with a return receipt. The customer returning products needs to pay for the costs of returning. Return costs will not be refunded to the customer. 


When returning a delivered order, attach your name and contact information, as well as, your account number for refunding.


We will refund the money accordingly without hindrance according to the consumer protection act.


Our returns address:

Putinki Oy

Hämeentie 105 B

00550 Helsinki


Delivery control, defects, and issues


Please inspect your delivery immediately after receiving it. If a product has gone missing or is damaged, or it does not correspond to what you ordered or it is faulty, please inform our customer service about it as soon as possible and within 14 days the latest so we can arrange for the defects to be fixed. With consumer sales regarding defects we follow regulations regarding the liability for defects in the Consumer Protection Act.


Customer service


Our staff will help you with questions related to your order.
Please contact us by email:



Limits of liability


Putinki Oy is not responsible for damage related to an order, delivery or product or any

indirect or direct damage that the previously mentioned have caused or other damage until there is an imperative order under the Consumer Protection Act or other imperative law that has imposed otherwise regarding the damage in question.



We aim to settle possible disagreements concerning your order primarily by settling so please contact our customer service at first to settle the issue.


If a disagreement concerning a sales agreement is not solved between the parties through negotiation, the consumer can bring the case to the Consumer Disputes Board (https://www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/index.html) to be solved.


Before bringing the case to the Consumer Disputes Board to be handled the consumer must be in contact with the Consumer Advisory Service (https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/).