Father's Day

Beautiful father's day card to your daddy, dad, father, pop, baba.. you name it! We have greeting cards in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Mother's Day

Cutest Mother's day cards to your mom, mother, grandmother or granny. Many of our Mother's day cards are printed and designed in Finland.

You can find Mother's day cards in Finnish, English and Swedish.


Easter cards with illustrations by Putinki illustrators and Moomin-illustrations! 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day cards for friends and loved ones. Write your friend a letter and add cute magnet inside the envelope. We also have stamps!


Christmas cards, christmas stickers and gift bags. Find all your christmas packaging needs from the Putinki online store. Among the products of amazing Finnish designers, also check out the beautiful selection of cards by international brands with English texts and packaging products from Partisan and The Art File.